Pierce Housecall Veterinary Service

1326 Whitehall Drive
Bossier City, LA 71112



What I Can Do

(Services I Provide)


From puppy/kitten shots to adult vaccinations and heartworm testing, I will examine your pet and work with you to determine what is necessary to keep your pet protected from preventable infectious diseases and parasites that can be harmful.


In addition to vaccines, I carry heartworm, flea, and tick preventatives to keep your furry friend free from parasites. 


There are many illnesses, such as skin or ear infections and simple GI upset that can be treated without you having to leave home.  I carry a variety of medications to help your pet feel better and get back to normal.  If something is needed that I don't currently have, I can usually order it and have it in the next day, or I can write a prescription for it.



If it becomes necessary to consider euthanasia for your pet, being able to keep them at home in their own comfortable surroundings is important to many.  I provide peaceful, at-home euthanasia, relieving you of the burden of taking them in to a clinic.


Other services

I can help with other miscellaneous services such as nail trims and anal sac expression as well. 



Call (318) 564-5433 for more information or to schedule an appointment